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My website is an invitation into my personal and professional life. To get started, visit my online portfolio for links to published articles, photos, and videos. In addition to working in communications, I am exploring a career in the arts as Radio Stevie. You can learn more about my professional adventures below or stop by my blog for the latest updates.

-Stephen J. Grant


Articles, photos, and videos by Stephen J. Grant have appeared on websites such as Paste Magazine, The Huffington Post, BookTrib, Seven Scribes and many others. In April 2016 he made his literary debut with The Hero in Me. He also premiered his documentary AFRO BRASILwhich highlights the black experience in Brazil through in-depth conversations with artists, professionals and more. In addition, Stephen J. Grant is a rising rap artist under the moniker, Radio Stevie. He worked with São Paulo/New York based producer DJ Flavya to create his debut EP, which is available now on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, and iTunes. He is currently producing his full-length album due in 2018.

Stephen J. Grant’s other communications adventures:

In February 2014 Stephen made his curatorial debut with Once In A Lifetime at the Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut.

Stephen is also a former radio host, which is where his Radio Stevie moniker comes from. His radio experience began in 2010 with a college radio show on Southern Connecticut State University’s WSIN. Later, Stephen introduced the Arts ON AIR talk show for WPKN, an alternative FM station in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This show served as a promotional tool for members of The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, where Stephen served as the Communications Manager. Guests included The Yale Center for British Art, New Haven Ballet, New Haven Museum and much more.

In December 2014 Stephen moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where he is currently working as an artist and freelance English coach. In addition to providing professional updates, this site invites you to experience Brazil through photos and stories by Stephen J. Grant. Stop by the blog for the latest updates.

If you’re thinking of hiring Stephen, check out what Cindy Clair, former Executive Director of the Arts Council of Greater New Haven had to say about their working experience in the article “Bon Voyage & Goodbye to Stephen Grant“. 

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