Stephen J. Grant


Hello! I am a highly motivated professional with a passion for non-profit administration. I am particularly interested in development and office operations. In addition to non-profit administration, I have a passion for the arts.

I strongly believe there is great power in communities that learn and grow together, which is why I enjoy working with non-profits. Whether it is working in the arts, for the environment, or in healthcare, I am always eager to use my professional and artistic skills to help strengthen the communities I am in.


Stephen J. Grant is an artist and communications professional with a focus on nonprofit administration and online media. Currently, as the Development Systems Manager for Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, he oversees their direct mail and online fundraising efforts. This role also includes the complete oversight of the development constituent database (Raiser’s Edge). This job has expanded Stephen’s writing and non-profit administration skills.

During his time as a freelance writer, various articles, photos, and videos were featured on websites such as Paste Magazine, The Huffington Post, BookTrib, and many others. In April 2016 he self-published the novella The Hero in Me, which he calls, an introduction to a story he hopes to revisit again later his writing. That same year, he premiered the short film, AFRO BRASIL, which has been described as a “journey to connect with Afro-Brazilians over shared roots.”

Stephen is also a passionate artist. In February 2014, Stephen made his curatorial debut with Once In A Lifetime at the Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut. He followed the show with a series of small pop-ups in New Haven, Connecticut’s art district. Later, he premiered music under the moniker, Radio Stevie. His music has surpassed 15,000 plays and has been featured on G1 and Impose Magazine.

Stephen is also a former radio host, which is where his Radio Stevie moniker comes from. His radio experience started in college with the Radio Stevie Music Show. Not long after graduating, he introduced the Arts ON AIR talk show for WPKN-FM. The show served as a promotional tool for members of the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, where Stephen worked as Communications Manager. Guests included The Yale Center for British Art, New Haven Ballet, Elm Shakespeare, New Haven Museum and much more.

In December 2014, Stephen moved to São Paulo, Brazil, with his partner, Gustavo. There he worked as a freelance communications consultant, writer, and English coach for business professionals. He returned after 3 years and joined the New Haven Land Trust team as Operations Manager. In the spring of 2018, he was recruited to join the development team at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

Stephen enjoys all things creative and being outdoors. He is an amateur photographer. Check out some of his photos here.