A Different View of São Paulo (Photos)

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Volkswagen Sightings in São Paulo

Fusca azul! That’s what you shout (while punching your friends) when you see a blue Volkswagen in Brazil. If you’re ever around this way you will see many VWs. Some are tricked out and others are classic. Here is a little of what you might see… Having fun? Read some of my in-depth articles on art,Continue reading “Volkswagen Sightings in São Paulo”

6 Images of Street Art in São Paulo (Part VI)

I don’t know how these street art posts ended up with the number 6 as the central theme, but today I’m adding a little bonus. Enjoy! And then there was this one by Fin DAC & Angelina Christina… It’s so beautiful I had to get a couple detail shots to give a closer look. Having fun? Read someContinue reading “6 Images of Street Art in São Paulo (Part VI)”

Rodrigo Bivar Solo Exhibition “Lapa” at Galeria Millan

When I walked into Galeria Millan to see Rodrigo Bivar’s solo exhibition Lapa, I was pleasantly surprised. I had just finished photographing a series of street art so it took me a minute to adjust to Rodrigo’s calmness. The moment I did, I absorbed and surrendered to every bit of his serene shapes and tones. Take a look at the artwork ofContinue reading “Rodrigo Bivar Solo Exhibition “Lapa” at Galeria Millan”