6 Images of Street Art in São Paulo (Part VI)

I don’t know how these street art posts ended up with the number 6 as the central theme, but today I’m adding a little bonus. Enjoy! And then there was this one by Fin DAC & Angelina Christina… It’s so beautiful I had to get a couple detail shots to give a closer look. Having fun? Read someContinue reading “6 Images of Street Art in São Paulo (Part VI)”

Rodrigo Bivar Solo Exhibition “Lapa” at Galeria Millan

When I walked into Galeria Millan to see Rodrigo Bivar’s solo exhibition Lapa, I was pleasantly surprised. I had just finished photographing a series of street art so it took me a minute to adjust to Rodrigo’s calmness. The moment I did, I absorbed and surrendered to every bit of his serene shapes and tones. Take a look at the artwork ofContinue reading “Rodrigo Bivar Solo Exhibition “Lapa” at Galeria Millan”

6 Images of Street Art in São Paulo (Part V): The Kobra Edition

Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra is super busy. His colorful murals that feature historical figures brightens up busy streets in places such as Los Angeles, New York, Tahiti, Dubai and Japan. Here in São Paulo, where Kobra resides, it is hard not to spot one of his artworks. You can even find murals that date back toContinue reading “6 Images of Street Art in São Paulo (Part V): The Kobra Edition”

Weekend Street Fair in São Paulo’s Liberdade District

The district of Liberdade in São Paulo has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. It is also home to many Chinese and Koreans, so walking through the district is a great cultural experience. From block to block, you’ll find restaurants serving traditional Asian cuisine as well as unique shops that feel more like artContinue reading “Weekend Street Fair in São Paulo’s Liberdade District”