Life in a New World: Creative Emptiness

Empty This place is empty My entire life is packed into 4 bags and I still have 30 days to go I am a wandering soul at the dawn of new beginnings Create I have less than 30 days to go until the big move to Brazil, but over the weekend I packed my bags andContinue reading “Life in a New World: Creative Emptiness”

Life in a New World: Reality Check

When people hear that I am moving to another country it seems glamorous. It is almost as if people forget that moving your entire life to a new place takes a lot of work and courage. The truth is I was thinking it would be just as glamorous as everyone else! Little did I knowContinue reading “Life in a New World: Reality Check”

Life in a New World: Humble Beginnings

When I was 18 my mom died of liver disease and I didn’t think I would ever be able to fully live again. Convinced life was over I spiraled into a deep depression that involved abuse, running away and almost throwing my entire life down the drain. Lucky for me my depression didn’t last veryContinue reading “Life in a New World: Humble Beginnings”

New Haven: Dig Deeper

So often I read blog posts about the wonderful small city that is New Haven. However, journalists and travel blog sites always feature the same places. While those local favorites are an important and beloved part of town, bloggers rarely dig deep into New Haven’s culture. I thought I would help visitors and new towniesContinue reading “New Haven: Dig Deeper”