Artwork by James Kudo

James Kudo was one of the first Brazilian artists I discovered when I arrived in São Paulo. He had a fantastic solo show called Oximoros at Zipper Galeria. Walking through the gallery’s first floor showroom I discovered Kudo’s collage style works that are a blend of nature, memories and imagination. The show is no longer on view in the gallery, but hereContinue reading “Artwork by James Kudo”

Back at the Farmers’ Market

What’s my favorite part about Brazil? MMMmmmmmm FOOD! See more photos of fruits and veggies in Brazil here. Learn more about me here. Read in-depth articles on music, food, art and Brazil check out the online portfolio.

Here Are 6 Images of Street Art in São Paulo (Part VII)

The street art continues in São Paulo, Brazil with images from Pinheiros to Vila Madalena. All photos by Stephen J. Grant See more street art in Brazil in parts 1-6. Need an experienced writer for your site? Contact me for a guest post or learn more about me. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend!

A Different View of São Paulo (Photos)

All photos by Stephen J. Grant Having fun? Read some of my in-depth articles on art, music, travel and more here. Need an experienced blogger for your site? Contact me for a guest post or learn more about me here.