6 Photos of São Paulo on a Cloudy Day

I’ve got in the habit of bringing the camera along with me nearly all the time. I’m usually on a mission, but this time I just clicked when it felt right, or wrong. All photos by Stephen J. Grant Like my work? Read some of my in-depth articles on art, music, travel and more here.Continue reading “6 Photos of São Paulo on a Cloudy Day”

Tastes of Brazil: A Trip to the São Paulo Farmers’ Market (Photos)

Today is my 4 month anniversary in Brazil! Hooray! Being here has given me a ton of new topics to write about. I was recently asked to share images of farmers’ markets in São Paulo for Paste Magazine. So, last week I took out my camera and began snapping away. Before I knew it IContinue reading “Tastes of Brazil: A Trip to the São Paulo Farmers’ Market (Photos)”

Weekend in Ribeirão Grande, São Paulo (Photos)

Recently, I relocated to sunny São Paulo, Brazil. Last weekend I spent 4 days escaping the city and hiding away in the jungle of Ribeirão Grande. Here are some images I captured (while nervously looking out for snakes). Enjoy! All photos by Stephen J. Grant  Want to know what foods I’m snacking on in Brazil? CheckContinue reading “Weekend in Ribeirão Grande, São Paulo (Photos)”