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In 2013 I set a goal to travel more. To my surprise I really did it! My adventures included California (May), Colorado (July) and Brazil (Dec-Jan). I experienced San Francisco, camped in the Rocky Mountains and visited São Paulo, Rio de Janiero and Bahia in Brazil. 2013 turned out to be one of the best years of my life. I completely let go of fears (including flying 10 hours alone) and just went for it. I learned a lot about myself traveling and will certainly continue my journey in 2014.

To honor my first year as a real traveler I made a 2014 calendar using images I had taken during my trips. It was difficult to choose just 12 photos, but I decided 4 from each trip was the best way to do it. It is now a focal point in my apartment that allows me to relive those moments and connect with guests. The photos featured are the stunning city views and landscapes I was fortunate to see. Take a look at the selected images below.

I created the calendar for less than $20 on VistaPrint.  My images were captured using an iPhone 4S and the calendar turned out great! What would yours look like?

Published by Stephen J. Grant

Stephen J. Grant, sometimes known as Radio Stevie, is a writer, artist and non-profit professional currently at the Guggenheim Museum.

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