A Guide to QTPoC Organizations in the U.S. Continues

We all remember the 2016 American elections. I remember waiting up until the early hours in the morning in Sao Paulo, Brazil, realizing Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States. I didn’t want to believe it, especially given that at the time, I was watching a coup d’état unfold in BrazilContinue reading “A Guide to QTPoC Organizations in the U.S. Continues”

Listen to Radio Stevie’s Birthday EP “HOME”

I am excited to share a home project I created for my 30th birthday. I wrote, produced and recorded the project at home and I consider it to be a personal invitation into my creativity. It is a reminder that home, wherever that may be, is where I feel the freest to be as creativeContinue reading “Listen to Radio Stevie’s Birthday EP “HOME””

Radio Stevie “RECIPE” Premiere!

For this song, which I wrote and produced, I wanted to once again speak to the strength of black queer people. I decided to include Bayard Rustin because he is a personal hero of mine. His unsung story is important to our culture and he is my go-to definition of what it means to beContinue reading “Radio Stevie “RECIPE” Premiere!”