A short film by Stephen J. Grant


AFRO BRASIL Documentary

The media has created a slanted view of Brazil. Both the international and local media channels are to blame for this. In the United States, we only learn about crimes or poverty levels, and sunny beaches full of hot bodies dancing samba are our first images. Rarely, do we dig deeper into Brazilian culture, and there is much more to learn.

Brazil is one of the most culturally diverse countries, where more than half of the population identifies as non-white. But, that doesn’t mean it has been easy for our brothers and sisters in Latin America. To help paint a new image of Brazil, I spoke with black artists, educators, students and entrepreneurs about their Afro-Brazilian experience. We talked everything from racism and higher education, to celebrating African and indigenous culture.

This is what I’ve learned. These are their stories. This is Afro-Brasil.

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