Brazilians May Love Coffee, But I Still Love Tea

Coffee drinkers don’t relax like this! Bistrô Ó-Chá in Vila Madalena. Photo by Stephen J. Grant.

I am not much of a coffee drinker, which comes as a surprise to my Brazilian friends. I prefer to relax into a cup of tea and São Paulo has many options for us tea drinkers. So far nothing compares to Bistrô Ó-Chá in Vila Madalena. Thanks to its comfortable decor and superb tea menu, this delightful bistro has become my go-to spot for a warm cup. They also have delicious desserts, snacks, and a store to buy loose tea to go. You certainly pay extra for the vibe, but it’s totally worth it. Here are a few photos from some of my recent visits.

All photos by Stephen J. Grant



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Published by Stephen J. Grant

Stephen J. Grant, sometimes known as Radio Stevie, is a writer, artist and non-profit professional currently at the Guggenheim Museum.

3 thoughts on “Brazilians May Love Coffee, But I Still Love Tea

  1. Haha, nice. I started drinking more tea after my travels actually. However, I was in Europe where having tea time/fika is very popular.

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