“The Hero in Me” Spotify Playlist

Want some music while you’re reading The Hero in Me? I curated a Spotify playlist inspired by my book The Hero in Me. The hour-long playlist features music by Depeche Mode, Otis Redding, The Stranglers and more. Get into the playlist below. The Hero in Me In The Hero In Me, we dive into the mind of Schuyler,Continue reading ““The Hero in Me” Spotify Playlist”

Back at the Farmers’ Market

What’s my favorite part about Brazil? MMMmmmmmm FOOD! See more photos of fruits and veggies in Brazil here. Learn more about me here. Read in-depth articles on music, food, art and Brazil check out the online portfolio.

Weekend Street Fair in São Paulo’s Liberdade District

The district of Liberdade in São Paulo has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. It is also home to many Chinese and Koreans, so walking through the district is a great cultural experience. From block to block, you’ll find restaurants serving traditional Asian cuisine as well as unique shops that feel more like artContinue reading “Weekend Street Fair in São Paulo’s Liberdade District”

Brazilians May Love Coffee, But I Still Love Tea

I am not much of a coffee drinker, which comes as a surprise to my Brazilian friends. I prefer to relax into a cup of tea and São Paulo has many options for us tea drinkers. So far nothing compares to Bistrô Ó-Chá in Vila Madalena. Thanks to its comfortable decor and superb tea menu, thisContinue reading “Brazilians May Love Coffee, But I Still Love Tea”