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Stephen J. Grant’s Creative Writing Debut, “The Hero in Me”


Web blogger and communications professional Stephen J. Grant, makes his literary debut with, The Hero in Me. After years of failed drafts and self-doubt, Grant finally finds his voice in his first creative writing project.

“I felt [as if] there was a certain way to write a book and a certain way to be a writer,” he says in the above promotional video, “I don’t have to write in the way I am told. I can be creative and write in my own style and my own way.”

The Hero in Me is a fictional twist on Grant’s past relationships and his personal struggle with heroin after a family tragedy. In the emotional rollercoaster of a book we meet Schuyler, a overthinking young adult who must decide between family, love and drugs after the death of his mother. Journey through Schuyler’s mind as he questions life and searches for answers in all the wrong places.

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#SouMinasGerais: Using The Arts to Benefit Tragedy Victims (Video)

Artists in Brazil are taking action to raise funds for recovery of the Bento Rodrigues district of Mariana in Minas Gerais, Brazil, after a dam burst at an iron ore mine. The mining tragedy took the lives of dozens of people and damaged the entire Doce River ecosystem. According to several reports, this catastrophe is the worst environmental disaster in Brazil and one of the top 5 in the world.

The #SouMinasGerais Collective, which includes a group of record labels and arts organizations, planned a benefit concert in São Paulo, led by notable Brazilian musicians Maria Gadu, Tulipa Ruiz and Mariana Aydar. Additional performers included, Ana Cañas, Emicida, Nando Reis, Marina Lima, Fafá de Belém, Paulo Miklos, and Ney Matogrosso, who all stood in solidarity with the victims. Some of São Paulo’s favorite street artists such as Paulo Ito, Ju Violeta, Magrela Mag and many others joined in for the cause, creating exclusive paintings with proceeds adding towards the fundraising.

Check out highlights from the event and follow the links below to learn more or to discover ways to show your support. 

This event was the second for the #SouMinasGerais Collective and one of many gatherings around the country. Learn more about #SouMinasGerais and their efforts, or show your support online ( Donations will go to a charity fund managed by SITAWI Finance of Good and coordinated by Greenpeace.

Additional Links:

Featured image is of singer Mariana Aydar at the#SouMinasGerais charity event. Photo by Stephen J. Grant.

Día de los Muertos with Frida Kahlo

Walking through the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake in São Paulo was surreal. I have been to many museums and galleries, but there are only a few exhibitions that give me a heartfelt feeling that goes beyond admiration for creativity. This was certainly one of them.

Me, Frida & Diego. Photo by Gustavo S. Requena
Me, Frida & Diego. Photo by Gustavo S. Requena.

There Frida Kahlo was, all of her emotions and feelings neatly framed and on display for us to see. All of her pain, sadness, joy and emotions. It felt like I was meeting her or walking into her life. The experience was beautiful, emotional, and an honor all at the same time. I walked through this show on Día de los Muertos and it felt great to pay respect to the spirit of one of the world’s greatest artists to ever do it.

I did not take many photos, but here is a quick look. Learn more about this exhibition here.

Photos by Stephen J. Grant with permission from the gallery. All rights reserved.

IMG_9006 IMG_9013IMG_9035


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