Stephen J. Grant’s Creative Writing Debut, “The Hero in Me”


Web blogger and communications professional Stephen J. Grant, makes his literary debut with, The Hero in Me. After years of failed drafts and self-doubt, Grant finally finds his voice in his first creative writing project.

“I felt [as if] there was a certain way to write a book and a certain way to be a writer,” he says in the above promotional video, “I don’t have to write in the way I am told. I can be creative and write in my own style and my own way.”

The Hero in Me is a fictional twist on Grant’s past relationships and his personal struggle with heroin after a family tragedy. In the emotional rollercoaster of a book we meet Schuyler, a overthinking young adult who must decide between family, love and drugs after the death of his mother. Journey through Schuyler’s mind as he questions life and searches for answers in all the wrong places.

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  • The Hero in Me is also available on CreateSpace. Get your copy bookstores!! 🙂
  • Who is Stephen J. Grant? Learn more about the blogger turned author here.
  • For interviews or general questions visit the contact page here.
  • Check out Stephen J. Grant’s online portfolio here featuring blogs, photos and videos here.

Published by Stephen J. Grant

Stephen J. Grant, sometimes known as Radio Stevie, is a writer, artist and non-profit professional currently at the Guggenheim Museum.

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